Amazing features of LOSMAT


Losmat is a powerful school management software comes with an incredible set of customizable features to assist with your school administration tasks and difficult processes.

Student Management

The entire details of the students from admission to reliving is well formulated and maintained in LOSMAT followed by a report. Each student will have a profile, in which their curriculum and vital information is tracked.

Course Management

Various classes can be created with their division and year. Students can be promoted from one class to other with a consolidated report following it.

Attendance Management

LOSMAT is packed with an attendance module with impressive features that equally manage student and staff attendances. Parents and teachers can also track the attendance record of students. LOSMAT also allows you to automatically inform student's absence to concern parents through push notifications. Through parent login, a student can apply for a leave directly so that the teacher gets notified immediately.

Financial Management

The accounting module of LOSMAT provides an efficient solution to manage, track and enter account-related entries of your educational institution. LOSMAT accounting module helps you to store and manage all the financial data regarding bank transactions, student fees, taxes, incomes, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

Time Table Management

Easy user-friendly interface to manage timetables and allocate time slots. Allows you to monitor the time table Class-wise,  Staff-wise, Exam-wise. It helps you in the Creation and Updation of student time tables. It enables you to assign teachers to new classes and view existing teacher schedules at a glance.

Homework and Assignments

LOSMAT allows 24x7 access to home assignments. With LOSMAT, the teachers can make new assignments and then assign them to the students. After the students have completed the assignment, they can submit in the online portal.

Fees Management

LOSMAT facilitates the fees module which gives total control over fee management to help in generating accurate and transparent reports of fees like Fee collection, Due reports, Paid reports, etc. Billing and Fee collection are enabled as an offline process to make it flexible Every Parent can log in to LOSMAT and find the details about their kid's fee paid and also when the next installment is due.

School Announcements

LOSMAT's live announcements helps students and parents to stay updated with school events and messages without any third-party module.

Holiday Management

Losmat helps to manage the school holidays, weekends, and events through an annual calendar. Parents can view holidays in advance and it helps parents to manage their vacations.

School Notification System

The communication module of LOSMAT helps school admins to easily communicate with students, teachers, and other non-teaching staff using in-app notifications. LOSMAT helps you to send regarding school closing, delays, early dismissals, and other urgent messages using in-app notifications. It is also used to send school messages such as fee dues and other alerts.

Library Management [offline]

LOSMAT school library management system helps you to automate your school library. The Library module of LOSMAT helps to track book circulation, adding new books, monitor overdue books, and view various reports related to the library. It also helps to record of issue and return of books can be checked through library management.

School Bus Real-Time Tracking System

School bus tracking module of LOSMAT helps the live tracking of the school transportation system. It can be incorporated on any vehicles. Parents can track the vehicles live and meet at the pickup point on time.

Academic Management

All the student details can be maintained for the academic year with all the required details. The Subjects can be entered against the classes and divisions and time table of various classes can be created.

Custom Report Card and Certificates

A report card can be created of every student based on their performance or any other criteria. Customises various type of certificate for students and staff members. There will also be a predetermined template for each kind of certificate and report card.


LOSMAT's chat module helps the two way communication efficiently. It smoothens the interaction between students, staffs and Admins. System will store all conversation details and you can check and scroll down the entire conversations anytime.

Dashing Dashboards

LOSMAT's Dashboards are designed in such a way that they focus on elements that are more relevant to the user type. This makes it easier for users to find things that are more relevant to them quickly and easily. We have made sure that our dashboards are simple but elegant.

Branch Management

LOSMAT enables the feature to handle multiple branches of institutions or under a particular organization. The Branch Management module can be used for multiple schools under one management allowing consistent and better communication and coordination. Generation of reports for different branches in a single click.


Management needs to be informed at all times on every aspect of institution performance. LOSMAT gives great benefits to the schools by providing a lot many reports importantly financial reports which are beneficial for the better and efficient administration of the schools.

HR and Payroll

HRM covers all the needs of the organization from assigning departments and designations to its staff which manages the leave of the staff and also can keep a track record of the staff’s leave and it is integrated with the payroll module followed by a consolidated report.

Live Streaming and Recorded videos

Embedded with virtual platforms such as zoom, vimeo etc, the school software provides a seamless communication platform to help teachers and students maintain a healthy, personalized, and transparent communication.

Online Examinations and Quiz

Examinations and quizes helps students evaluate how well they have realized their learning goals at regular goals. Easily accessed from any device, timely grading, through LOSMAT is key to encouraging students to help them improve.

Visitor's Register

It helps to create a record of the persons other than students or teachers who attended the school during business hours. It also provides a safer environment to the schools as it stores all the visitors data in a secure admin portal.

LOSMAT Mobile Features

LOSMAT is one useful academy management mobile app with all features required to manage your school

Timetable Management

A timetable is an important module in school to maintain discipline and regulation. It provides an overall information about the flow of lectures in school.

Attendance Management

Attendance of staff and students can be reported through app. Teachers can mark students attendance through their mobile using their separate account.

Work Assignment Management

Teachers can schedule assignments or homework to their students and can review the work.

Student Management

The details of the students from admission to reliving is well formulated and maintained in LOSMAT followed by a report.

Administrator Management

Admin can view all the incorporated functionalities in the mobile application.

Examination Management

Admin or teachers can upload student exams marks.Students and them parents would be directly view marks of students.Also students and parents view subject wise mark with grades.


LOSMAT's chat module helps the two way communication efficiently. It smoothens the interaction between students, staffs and Admins. System will store all conversation details and you can check and scroll down the entire conversations anytime.

Live Streaming and Recorded videos

Losmat makes learning more advanced through live streaming and videos based on class, subject and topic.

GPS Tracking For Vehicle

Tracking is accessed through mobile application.This feature gives assurance to both school administration and parents. Vehicle Information, Vehicle Route Information, Map route of vehicle, Tracking of vehicle.

Syllabus Management

Teachers can manage the syllabus through marking daily topics.


Techers needs to be informed at all times on every aspect of students performance. LOSMAT provides reports which are beneficial to track the students performance.


To develop the competitive spirit in students, LOSMAT added quiz module based on their subjects.

Weekends & Holiday Management

An annual calendar is included to inform the weekends and holidays.


Accessing school announcements are made more convenient through the mobile application.

Fee Management

Fee Management for school can be easily done from an android app. All information about fees is provided to parents via push notification. as well as in the student login. So there maybe record present with student ,parent and school for minimal mistake.